Manish Kumar Singh Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
--  By Ralph Waldo Emerson

About Me !

I started my journey into computers way back in 1988. It all started during my teenage, when I was playing a small DOS based chess game. It was really fascinating to see how computer played its turns while logically calculating mine. Although, it used to take, quiet some time in making a decision and playing its turn, the mere thought of somebody designed all the logic behind the game was enthralling for me. I think, that is where the quest had begun and the foundation being laid. It was, kind of "Love at first sight". As time passed, this quest led me to pursue my studies and career in computer science. The chapters kept unfolding and my thirst kept growing, which sometimes, is misunderstood as obsession.

I started my career in computer as a Visual Basic programmer and subsequently shifted to .NET. It mainly revolved around Microsoft Technologies, except few projects done in Java, where I played the lead role. Live up to different hats and roles, I held senior management positions when asked for, but at the core of my heart, I still love coding and playing with variety of technologies to solve day to day business problems. Quite excited to explore industries like IoT, CRM, E-Commerce that led me sharpen the edge of my professionalism. SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), Hypermedia driven RESTful services had been my strengths. I still spend lot of time learning new technologies and writing code, but this time taking more critical and complex problems for myself. This keeps my passion entact and thus the journey continues...

When I am free I love spending time with my son Aryan who seems equally inquisitive and interested in computers. He loves challenging me on some of his favorite multiplayer computer games on xbox 360. Most of the time he wins because he does not like to accept defeat and then we get into an infite loop of gaming sequels or in some cases he has mastered the game, so well that I do not stand any match for him :-)